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Nexstim offers targeted and effective therapies and diagnostics for challenging brain diseases and disorders. Our technology is solidly grounded in scientific and clinical research. We closely collaborate with key opinion leaders who, like us, believe noninvasive brain stimulation harnesses the brain's own healing power—neuroplasticity. Nexstim is helping patients—and their families—get back the life they feared they had lost.


Nexstim Reaches 208 Completed Treatment Sessions – Continues to Report a Remission Rate Greater than 50% of MDD Patients in the Patient Registry


Nexstim Plc provides an update on the pilot study in chronic pain treatment at Helsinki University Hospital


Nexstim Continues to Report Very Promising MDD Treatment Outcomes with Remission Rate Greater than 50%


Impressive New Study Results Suggest Potential New Therapeutic Use for Nexstim SmartFocus® nTMS in Postsurgical Rehabilitation of Paresis


Nexstim Gives an Update on its Promising Treatment Results of Major Depressive Disorder


Nexstim Plc provides encouraging results of the initial pilot study in severe depression at Kuopio University Hospital


New Study Presents Impressive Results of Nexstim SmartFocus® nTMS Language Mapping


Nexstim Secures Business Finland Funding for the Development of Accelerated iTBS Protocols


Nexstim Plc provides an update on the pilot study in severe depression at Kuopio University Hospital


Nexstim Plc signs a purchase agreement worth EUR 0.9 million to develop and deliver two prototype systems for a research project


Nexstim Podium Webinars Demonstrate How Nexstim Systems Have Advanced the Standard of Care for Patients


Nexstim Continues to Report Promising Results in Quickly Growing Number of Patients Completing SmartFocus® rTMS Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder