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NBT® Navigated Brain Therapy System

At Nexstim we are using our decades of scientific research to help treat and diagnose the human brain noninvasively. As the world’s leading company combining TMS with 3D brain imaging, we offer unsurpassed technology solutions for the drug-free treatment of brain diseases and disorders. We help the human brain heal itself.

The NBT System 2 comprises the following components:

Mobile Nexstim cart, including:

  • Nexstim TMS stimulator
  • Nexstim stimulation coil
  • Stereotactic camera (arm-mounted tracking unit)
  • 6-channel Nexstim EMG
  • Computer system with display, PC and NBT software
  • Three-pedal foot switch
  • Nexstim cooling unit

Electronically adjustable patient chair with coil positioning holder

The NBT system also includes tracking tools:
NBT head tracker, coil tracker and digitizing pen

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