Why invest in Nexstim

Nexstim's growth is supported by the unique technology used in two business areas, characteristics and potential of the medical technology industry, as well as Nexstim's goal of financial success, including emphasis on recurring revenue. Our experienced team of professionals focuses on setting a new standard for the treatment of challenging brain diseases and disorders.

Medical technology growth company in a defensive industry

  • Nexstim is a Finnish, internationally operating medical technology company.
  • We focus on both diagnostic and therapy applications for challenging brain diseases and disorders.

Unique scalable technology platform

  • Our neuronavigated TMS technology enables accurate brain mapping and treatment of patients with challenging brain diseases and disorders.
  • Our technology platform scales to a variety of applications where accuracy and repeatability are required.

Commercial product portfolio in a strongly regulated industry

  • We operate in a highly regulated business environment with strong competitive entry barriers.
  • Our systems are approved by key authorities.
  • Over 230 systems for diagnostic use and over 80 systems that include therapy functionalities have been delivered to facilities worldwide for neurosurgical planning, multiple therapies, and research.

Megatrends support our growth

  • We work to improve treatment outcomes for severe brain diseases and disorders.
  • As we age, brain diseases increase, and societies have a need for more effective and faster rehabilitation.
  • Technological developments enable new forms of treatment in the treatment of mental health and chronic pain, among other things.

Focus on the long-term shareholder value

  • Nexstim is an investment opportunity due to increased operational efficiency and improved economy.
  • Successful scaling of the technology platform: two strong business areas, of which therapy business built alongside the diagnostics business since 2018.

Recurring revenue supports our growth

  • Our business is built on a solid base and our systems have key regulatory approvals.
  • Our recurring revenue is growing, which creates stability and a new kind of predictability for us.
  • Our goal is financial success and minimizing future capital needs - we want to develop and evolve.


Page last updated:

24 April, 2024

Strong organization and committed team of experts

  • Our Board and management team have extensive experience in the industry and strong evidence of both research and business development.
  • We are a desired employer among the experts in our industry.