Navigated Brain Therapy System

NBT® System: the world's first navigated TMS device for personalized treatment of depression and stroke

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NBT® System is CE-marked

Helping preserve what's vital

NBS is a new technique for accurately and reliably mapping the brain's vital functions. NBS is noninvasive, which means it can be used for planning, prior to neurosurgery. Using harmless magnetic fields, NBS is a comfortable and safe method for brain mapping in adults or children with a diagnosis of tumor or epilepsy.

The NBS System is as accurate as the "gold standard" of intraoperative direct cortical stimulation, and has been cleared by the FDA for functional mapping of the motor and speech cortices. Using NBS can enable more patients to be offered a surgical option and may lower risk of damage to eloquent cortex.

NBS makes stimulation visible in the brain

NBS uses navigated TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation). Navigation is based on the patient´s MRI scan and proprietary electric field modeling, allowing the NBS System to uniquely show the location and orientation of TMS-stimuli inside the brain.


The American Heart Association´s International Stroke Conference 2014: A study from the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago approached stroke rehabilitation using a new combination of therapies, Nexstim´s non-invasive navigated transcranial stimulation (nTMS) along with occupational therapy. The results of the active group yielded results of significantly greater gains in motor function 6 months post stroke.


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Note to U.S. residents: The NBS System and NexSpeech® are cleared by the FDA for use in pre-surgical planning for patients undergoing brain surgery. See Indications for use.