nTMS for presurgical cortical mapping granted OPS code in Germany and CPT code in the USA New codes allow for future reimbursement

HELSINKI, Finland – Nov. 14, 2012 -- Nexstim announces that presurgical cortical mapping with the NBS System will be granted an OPS code in Germany and CPT code in the USA allowing for future reimbursement. In Germany, the process of including new medical treatments to be tracked for use and associated costs is initiated once a year when the new surgery and procedure OPS codes are made available to the Institute for the Hospital Remuneration System, InEK.

Supported by the German Association of Neurosurgery, DGNC, the German Society for Clinical Coding, DGKKeV, filed an application for an OPS code for nTMS (non-invasive transcranial magentic stimulation) for cortical mapping to the German Institute of Medical Documentation and Information, DIMDI. The fact that the application for an OPS code was successful is significant, as acceptance of completely new procedures for neurosurgery is not that common. The filing was made in February 2012 and published in September. The OPS code 1-20c, nTMS for cortical mapping will be available for use from January 1st, 2013. An OPS code is important because it allows tracking of the use and costs associated with a new technology and, if the data supports granting of a diagnosis related group DRG-code, it will lead to reimbursement being available for NBS mapping. Based on the data collected over the next two years, it is anticipated that nTMS mapping will be included in the update of the German DRGs the following year.

In the USA, a code for nTMS mapping has been released by the American Medical Association to be implemented January 1st, 2013. Hospitals can then start using the category III code CPT 0310T for motor function mapping using the NBS System for therapeutic treatment planning, upper and lower extremity, and apply for reimbursement.