Nexstim moves to new operational mode

Agreement to take effect 1.1.2013

HELSINKI, Finland – Dec. 18, 2012 -- Nexstim Oy has signed an agreement with its long-term contract manufacturing partner Innokas Medical Oy "Innokas", whereby Innokas will assume responsibility for sourcing, manufacturing and delivering the Nexstim NBS System 4, the NexSpeech module and TMS II stimulator coils. The change in operations is not expected to have any impact on delivery times for these products.

"As we turn our focus more to the market opportunities for new therapy products, this change will help strengthen Nexstim´s role in the value-chain, as a developer of value-adding products and services for current and future customers", clarifies Rainer Harjunpää, Director of Operations, Nexstim.

Headquartered in Kempele, Finland, Innokas is a contract design and manufacturing company operating in the field of health technology. Innokas offers tailored, comprehensive service solutions to healthcare technology customers. Certified to ISO 13485/ISO 9001 and registered with the US FDA as a contract manufacturer of medical devices ranging from pulse oximeters to MEG (magnetoencephalography) installations, Innokas´ customers include several global medical technology companies.

Juha Rantala, Customer Manager for Innokas Medical explains that as a result of this transfer, production control can be improved while quality maintained. In future, device manufacture, final assembly and testing will be done at the Innokas Kempele plant. "In connection with this agreement we have invested in final testing systems and have already trained our Kempele staff in the manufacture of these devices", Rantala added.

The Nexstim Helsinki headquarters, together with its subsidiaries in Germany and USA, will focus on providing sales and customer services, including installation and training for the NBS System and NexSpeech module. Nexstim will continue to provide service support for the discontinued eXimia product line.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning this new mode of operations.

Rainer Harjunpää
Director of Operations, Nexstim Oy  
+358 40 5121967 (mobile)

Juha Rantala  
Customer Manager, Innokas Medical Oy
HQ Tarjusojantie 12, FI-90440 Kempele, FIN
Factory Elimäenkatu 9 B, FI-00510, Helsinki, FIN  
+358 8 562 3100 (center)
+358 8 562 3151 (fax)
+358 40 571 2252 (mobile)