Nexstim introduces NexSpeech, a unique noninvasive method for the localization of speech areas in the human cortex

Extends the neurosurgical applications of the NBS System to both motor and speech mapping

HELSINKI, Finland – April 13, 2012 -- Nexstim Oy, a medical device company developing brain diagnostics and therapy technologies, today announced the release of NexSpeech®, a new module for use with the Navigated Brain Stimulation (NBS) System. NexSpeech® enables the non-invasive mapping of cortical language areas and has been specifically designed for clinical use in neurosurgery. In patients with tumors near language areas, intraoperative stimulation of the exposed cortex is the gold standard for localization of language. However, many could benefit from language mapping already in planning. Aftervalidation at two leading neurosurgery centers, the clinicians concluded that "NBS is feasible for presurgical language mapping, especially by defining non-eloquent language areas giving a reliable negative map of language eloquent regions preoperatively".

The additional preoperative information provided by the NBS System with NexSpeech® can be used for better planning of neurosurgical procedures, optimizing the extent and location of craniotomy and the resection trajectory. NBS motor and speech mapping helps plan more aggressive surgical approaches while preserving function post-operatively.

NexSpeech® is designed for use with the NBS System 4, which combines MRI-guided TMS and rTMS with EMG measurement. The NBS System incorporates DICOM export of motor and speech mapping results to surgical microscopes and surgical navigation systems. The use of NBS data has also been shown to improve subcortical fiber tracking from motor cortices.

Fully self-contained and mobile, the NBS System with NexSpeech® does not require a dedicated room or fixed installation and has a floor footprint of less than 0.6 m2. In NexSpeech®, Nexstim has developed proprietary features to enable the NBS System to be adopted as a routine solution for presurgical mapping of the language cortex, in addition to its proven role in the mapping of the motor cortex. Computer-aided alignment, motor threshold-finding and E-field-based stimulation enable mapping of cortical areas around a tumor accurately and reliably. NexSpeech® is CE-marked and is pending FDA clearance for marketing in the USA.

About the NexSpeech® module

The NexSpeech® module, specifically designed for use with the NBS System, uses navigated repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) to cause speech arrest or disturbance in cortical areas essential for speech. In a mapping session, the patient performs a continuous naming task while images of everyday objects are displayed in sequence. As the stimulation coil is moved over a presumed speech area, synchronized trains of rTMS are delivered and the influence of the rTMS on speech behavior is recorded for later analysis. The results of speech mapping are displayed in a 3D rendering of the patient´s head.

About Nexstim

Founded in 2000, Finland-based Nexstim Oy is a medical device company developing noninvasive, image-guided transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for brain diagnostics and therapy. The Nexstim NBS System is the first and only direct, non-invasive cortical mapping device cleared for sale by regulatory authorities on both sides of the Atlantic. In its successful FDA application, the mapping accuracy of the NBS System was shown to be equivalent to that of invasive direct cortical stimulation during actual brain tumor surgery - hitherto considered the "gold standard" methodology for locating the motor cortex.

The NBS system is installed at over 70 hospitals worldwide. The NBS System is used for planning brain surgery operations, for diagnostic applications including stroke, as well as for brain research. The ability of NBS to precisely and reproducibly target stimulation within the brain may offer new non-invasive therapy options for a wide range of brain injuries and diseases, including stroke rehabilitation.

Nexstim and NexSpeech are registered trademarks of Nexstim Oy in the EU, USA and certain other countries.