Nexstim and NBS starred in "Health Heroes: Exploring Neuroscience" on the Discovery Channel

HELSINKI, Finland – Feb. 5, 2013 -- Nexstim is pleased to announce that the NBS System and NexSpeech were featured in the Health Heroes: Exploring Neuroscience series on the Discovery Channel.

About 'Health Heroes' 'Health Heroes' is a powerful documentary program dedicated to defining and exploring today´s latest medical advances in all areas of health and wellness. Written with both the industry professional and television audiences in mind, 'Health Heroes' educates, entertains and enlightens the lives of our viewers. The Health Heroes: Exploring Neuroscience series will explore and help to unlock the secrets of the human brain, from brain mapping to cutting edge surgical procedures. One episode will include the advancements and contributions Nexstim has made to the neuroscience community. Future audiences for the episode may include WebMD, CNN, MSNBC, TLC, Voice of America and others.