The NBT System is not cleared by the FDA for commercial use in Chronic Pain in the USA, for investigational use only.

Strategic focus on large therapy indications with unmet need

Nexstim has a unique proprietary neuronavigated TMS technology called SmartFocus® TMS that delivers diagnostics and therapy for patients with brain diseases and disorders.

Nexstim has a platform TMS technology with multiple applications and position as a premium priced system differentiated by e-field navigation. In diagnostics we have already over 170 installed NBS Systems around the world and now we are focused on maximising the potential of SmartFocus® TMS in therapy.



Objective: recurring revenue optimization through existing installed base and profitable new system growth in major depressive disorder (MDD) and chronic neuropathic pain. Launching a new severe depression indication business based on an accelerated therapy protocol.

  • Therapy Scope: Leverage this platform technology around selected therapeutic indications in selected markets (focus in the USA & EU) with new and existing TMS service providers:
  1. Treatment of MDD and severe depression
  2. Treatment of chronic neuropathic pain



Objective: recurring revenue growth through existing strong installed base and new sales development mainly through strategic partnerships

  • Diagnostic Scope: Further develop this technology around motor and speech mapping of the brain in selected diagnostic indications in selected markets (focus in the USA & EU) with the world’s leading hospitals:
  1. Preprocedural planning for difficult brain tumour and epilepsy patients
  2. Planning for patients undergoing radiotherapy for brain tumour


Diagnostic and Therapy Advantages

These selected diagnostic and therapeutic applications represent indications where:

  1. Nexstim technology demonstrates recognisable clinical outcome and customer profitability
  2. Hospital inpatient treatments are usually required
  3. Integrated and easy to use navigated TMS device enables a future platform in other indications from day one