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  • "It helped me greatly. It’s just immeasurable the progress that I have made."

    Dwayne Nelson
    Stroke Trial Patient

Nexstim has launched a multicenter double-blinded, randomized, and sham-controlled trial to determine the therapeutic effects of navigated rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) for stroke rehabilitation. This cutting-edge stroke therapy combines occupational therapy with nTMS (navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation). Initial results from the Contrastim study have opened the door to improving the quality of life for stroke survivors.

The study is looking at the combination of non-invasive navigated transcranial stimulation (nTMS) along with occupational therapy (OT) in post-stroke patients. Called the NICHE trial (Navigated Inhibitory rTMS in Contralesional Hemisphere Evaluation), this study will be conducted at twelve of the top rehabilitation sites in the United States.

NBT® uses a patient’s MRI brain scan, then with nTMS accurately locates function in the motor cortex. This is similar to mapping the globe with a GPS. Navigation is important in order to find the exact location and orientation of the motor area that should be treated with stimulation. Navigated accuracy also allow for optimizing dosage to assure that the treatment is comfortable for the patient.

NBT® works by using navigated rTMS at a slow frequency to help restore the brain´s natural inhibitory balance between its two hemispheres. Thereby, allowing the injured side of the brain to benefit from subsequent occupational therapy. During a treatment session the only requirement for the patient is to wear a head-tracker that fits comfortably onto the patient's forehead, and have surface EMG electrodes placed over a muscle of the limb which are to be rehabilitated. The patient will then relax comfortably in a reclining chair with a specially-designed designed head-rest.

The NBT® System is CE-marked to offer patients a personalized treatment patients recovering from stroke as a supplement to conventional rehabilitation.

Nexstim’s noninvasive NBS and NBT® Systems are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for therapy in commercial use in the United States and is available to select physician for investigational use only.