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Nexstim announces landmark study on clinical value of Navigated Brain Stimulation for pre-surgical cortical motor mapping published in the journal Neurosurgery

01 December 2011

HELSINKI, Finland—Dec. 1, 2011--In their paper, clinicians at the Charité University Hospital, Berlin, Germany assessed the influence, benefit, and impact Navigated Brain Stimulation had had on the surgical planning in a series of 73 patients with brain tumors in, or near, the motor cortex.

A review of the records showed that the influence of NBS was as follows: confirmed the expected anatomy in 22% of cases, added knowledge that was not used in 23%, added awareness of high-risk areas in 27%, modified the approach in 16%, changed the planned extent of resection in 8%, and changed the surgical indication in 3% of cases.

The clinicians concluded that "nTMS had an objective benefit on the surgical planning in one-fourth of the cases and a subjective benefit in an additional half of the cases. It had an impact on the surgery itself in just over half the cases. By mapping the spatial relationship between the tumor and functional motor cortex, nTMS improves surgical planning for tumors in or near the motor cortex.

The full abstract is available here.

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