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Improving the Quality of Life


Over 80 peer reviewed articles have highlighted the accuracy and safety of Nexstim’s navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation technology, and the crucial data provided which results in improved patient outcomes.

Most recently two published papers of 450 patients have highlighted these outcomes:

  • Presurgical planning with NBS enabled execution of a more aggressive surgical strategy in more than 75% of the cases. 2
  • Localization of motor function by Navigated Brain Stimulation was a key element in the decision to resect rather than biopsy. 1
  • The confidence in anatomical location of motor eloquent tissue potentially offers the capability to deploy less extensive DCS, leading to significantly smaller craniotomies. 1, 2
  • NBS as an adjunct to DCS, results in a 35% increase or greater in the rate of gross total resection. 1, 2
  • Presurgical mapping with NBS led to more complete resections resulting in a seven month (45%) extension in progression free survival in low grade gliomas. (p=.05) 2

The Nexstim NBS System is indicated for noninvasive mapping of the primary motor cortex of the brain to its cortical gyrus. The NBS System provides information that may be used in the assessment of the primary motor cortex for pre-procedural planning.

Nexstim NexSpeech®, when used together with the NBS System, is indicated for noninvasive localization of cortical areas that do not contain essential speech function. NexSpeech® provides information that may be used in pre-surgical planning in patients undergoing brain surgery. Intraoperatively, the localization information provided by NexSpeech® is intended to be verified by direct cortical stimulation.

The Nexstim NBS System and NBS System with NexSpeech® are not intended to be used during a surgical procedure. The NBS System and NBS System with NexSpeech are intended to be used by trained clinical professionals.


1Preoperative motor mapping by navigated transcranial magnetic brain stimulation improves outcome for motor eloquent lesions By: Krieg SM, Ringel F, el. al Neuro-Oncology. 2014 Feb 9.

2Navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation improves the treatment outcome in patients with brain tumors in motor eloquent locations By: Frey D, P Vajkoczy, T Picht, et. al Neuro-Oncology. 2014 Jun 12. pii: nou110.